About Ideas In Ink Advertising – What’s in a name?

When Ideas In Ink Advertising started creating mostly direct mail campaigns, print ads, brochures and videos in 1994, the Internet was still in its infancy.

Ideas In Ink Advertising has the experience to build a complete effective marketing program for you that draws from the best of both eMarketing strategies and traditional media to give you the biggest bang for your buck for your specific market and goals. We can take on as much or as little of your marketing efforts tot fit your budget and deliver successful results at every level.

When we started building web sites in 1996, some thought was given to changing the company name because it might seem out of date. After several long debates it was decided to stick with the name for two main reasons.

The big idea will always be king.

When it comes to communicating with customers it’s the idea that sparks the concept of the message that will get their attention, create interest and desire, or convince them to take action. The right message will always be critical regardless of the medium.

Pixels are the new ink.

The Internet has created the way to publish and distribute information around the world on a scale that Johann Gutenberg never could have imagined. Even with all the video, sound and pictures online today the vast majority of content on the Internet is still the written word.

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